Summary Reports
The Annual SRS summary report provides an annual view of SRS data summarized for the purpose of publication or analysis.
The Arrest Distribution reports show the number of the selected arrest(s) distributed by categories that include age, gender, race, etc. Among other useful distributions, these reports also give insights into the demographics of arrests.
These reports capture summarized information about hate crime submissions including total incidents and bias motivations. These are useful for statewide reporting and analysis.
The Offense Density report shows the geographic distribution of Offense by county. This report shows hotspots areas that may need extra resources.
The Offense Trends Comparison report for Index Crimes is similar to the Offense Trends reports and displays the offense trend for Index Crime offenses for a recent year compared to the year prior. It demonstrates differences in offense trends between the two years.
The Offense Trend Analysis reports show the number of offenses on a monthly basis for the selected time period. This analysis is useful to help forecast the volume of crime or analyze crime patterns.
The Year-to-Date comparison reports show the number of offenses, clearances, stolen and recovered property for the current year-to-date compared with the same period in the previous year in various reports. This allows an agency to determine if there is a marked increase or decrease in crime or if there was an issue in reporting crime.